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Newspeak Accessories

Set in George Orwell's 1984 universe, the Newspeak Accessories are to be released alongside the final release of the newspeak dictionary in 2050. The products will be available for purchase by party members.
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Private Streetview

Google Streetview is completely blocked throughout Germany. Why? I believed there had to be a better solution than disabling Streetview, the goal is to maintain everyone's privacy while Streetview is still able to give a location's environment.
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Synthetic Shrub

This experiment explores what a 3D printer has to offer beyond rapid prototyping.
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World Of Walls

The amount of barricades erected between states has steadily increased since the fall of the Berlin wall. Various countries have been building larger and bigger physical- and legislative barriers under pretences like terrorism and illegal immigration.
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Game computer

Explorationof the relation between the mathematical layer of a computer and simulation
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Vertigo Deconstructed

Film criticism is often done through text, in our hyper mediated world this is a bit outdated, that is why I have designed a system that can be used by critics to both analyse and present their analyses of a film.
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Immersive Computing

Processors power a vast range of activities, but to look inside of a running processor is difficult. To give more insight into the computational process this installation runs a custom build simulated processor.
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