(RND) Spotify

(RND) Spotify

I listen to a lot of Spotify, in the last five years I have listened to a total of a full year of Spotify, an average almost of 5 hours a day.

All this listening and the limited user experience of Spotify meant that I kept listing to the same albums over and over again. Even though my virtual collection has grown a lot over the years, lots of albums in my collection were still gathering dust.

This is were (RND)Spotify 1 comes in, the webapp presents my collection in a randomized order, giving me a fresh look at it, compared to Spotify's offering of just showing them alphabetically, on order of adding, or artist's name

The application is designed and developed for both desktop and mobile use. Even though it is a web app, it behaves like a native app on both iOS and Android.

The app has been living on my main home-screen ever since I produced it. It uses the Spotify Web API for seamless integration with Spotify connect and all the other services.

The algorithm is pretty straightforward, it just grabs a random album from the stack. But of course everything today has to be an AI powered algorithm. If you want to believe the app interprets your current mood to choose a fitting album, be my guest, that’s what I like to believe too.